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Janicke Professional Lawn Care & Snowplowing | Freeport, IL

Established in 1991

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Will make sure your yard is ready for every season

From leaf removal and winterization to aeration and dethatching, Janicke Professional Lawn Care & Snowplowing will make sure your yard is ready for every shift in temperature! Relying on over 24 years of experience, all services are customized to your lawn.

Fall clean-up services include:


•  Core and pull plugs out of the ground

•  Allows roots to grow better

•  Allows moisture and chemicals to the lawn and roots

•  Dirt will be filled back in by mowing



•  Remove clippings from mowing

•  Non-removal results in lawn not growing back correctly

•  Allows moisture and chemicals to get to the roots

•  Results in a healthier lawn



•  Pre-emergent for crabgrass

•  Liquid for weeds

•  Fertilizers during the summer and fall

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Spring clean-up services include:

•  Leaf removal

•  Winterize - winter chemical application available

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